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Harmony, The Hewett Academy Norwich

The Journey

The Journey is a really touching story about migration and can be reached to all ages to allow people to have a clear understanding about the strange,unhappy,lonely lives that these people have. The story is about a mother who has a role to take care of her two children who have to face the pain of their father already being taking away. Sometime through the story a black wave comes that appears to look like a hand pulling the life of all living things away from earth. I think the hand resembles the war beginning. This shows people's lives being taken away and things being destroyed, a horrible sight for everybody to see.The mother tries to keep her children safe and hides her pain as much as she can away from her children as she doesn't want to show her weakness. The family tries to flee away from the country as quick as they can. In this story the family of three face an eventful, stressful and challenging journey.
This story makes me think about how lucky I am to not be in one of these countries that have to face this pain . I am so thankful that I am not in this terrifying situation but I am thoughtful for the people that face the events that are in this story.

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 02:56 pm

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