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Cassie, The Hewett Academy Norwich

The Journey

I think The Journey is an excellent picture book. It shows just how much pictures can portray events and things that are happening. Its clever, due to it being a picture book you wouldn't think it would focus on an actual topic that is happening in the world around us as we speak . It also means that whilst reading the book you need to pay attention to the drawings as they will also add another dimension to how you think of the story. The artist's style plays a big part as by changing the colour theme the emotions and feelings of the characters in the story can change.
The end pages also tie in with the cleverness of artistic style , they have recurring images throughout the book that carry on in the end pages. I also believe that because the author based it on a true story and the experience in which she took to write this proves itself in how clever and meaningful the story is . I would certainly recommend the story to people even adults as it tells a story that is happening and a serious matter .

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 02:57 pm

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