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Mischa, Royal Readers

The Bone Sparrow

Bone-Sparrow - what a book!. It is heartbreaking yet written with love. It made me think about what our world has come to and how unfair it is, and thus very thought-provoking.
I came to love and empathise with certain characters within the book (not just the protagonist), and I can tell that the author is passionate about the story-line and message of the book. Although I didn't stay up till midnight reading this book, I was gripped and was always left wanting to know more while reading it. I liked the small touches within the book, they added a funny air to the story.
I was confused about Ba and the Night Sea, and I wished that the ending had kept me intrigued. I always think a good book should keep you thinking and not leave everything neat. I would definitely recommend it.

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 06:26 pm

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