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Muna, Swanshurst School


Meet Zen Starling: a common, ordinary boy; a slightly petty thief; a not so evil murderer and a sidekick to a villainous villain as he embarks on an out of this world adventure desperately clinging on to survival. Gasp, smile and tut-tut-tut as our fellow hero makes the wrong decisions and faces the consequences on the real quest to discover who he really is and what he honestly desires. He'll face danger and be dangerous. Are you ready to meet this railhead?

Reeve crafts an intriguing tale of science fiction; the "guardians" of mortality and the forever aspiring ambitions of a sole human being alongside the troubles of a rather queer character who we as readers are constantly questioning his actions and personality: is he an admirable person, just plain wicked or perhaps somewhere in between. In my opinion it was a wonderfully woven novel with twists and tragedies and I certainly didn't expect the ending as it wasn't the happily ever after that we all are rather familiar with but instead a new beginning...(for what and who I shan't spoil)

Despite this, the start was a little too long due to the very detailed descriptions and the technical vocabulary relating to the fictional world was only explained at the end of the book by which time I had already finished still a little perplexed. Apart from this I rather enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it.

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 06:55 pm

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