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Alfie, South Molton Community College - Carnegie


The book Railhead includes quite a short, but long feeling, story. It stars the main character: Zen Starling who is a mischievous young boy who helps and lives by his unusual hobby of stealing. He mostly steals small things that he can get away with and travels home secretly via a 'K-Gate' (these are fictitious trains that travel between worlds and light years) to his home world, Cleave. The book gives a real sense of tension which I think is my number one like throughout the book, I really felt inclined to read as it slowly drew me in along Zen's treacherous adventure to make a living for himself and to help his mother, who has mental health issues and his sister who works in a factory all day.

Overall it was a really well written book, I liked the sci-fi and the fictional approach to the characters, it had a very nice feel to it which is quite hard to explain but it just felt right reading it. That might be because I am in the age barriers of recommendation for this book but I think that anyone with a bit of patience and knowledge and within 11-16 would enjoy this book very much. The book was also very unpredictable which gave another dimension of tension and general interest in the book.
I didn't really like the character underdevelopment, what I mean by that is I didn't really like the way that some figures were just briefly looked upon and we had no context for some of the characters. Another small but niggly thing was the sudden ending, a very steep cliffhanger. I feel I could've read more or it felt like there should have been a different ending to a story I got so used to throughout reading this book.

In conclusion I would recommend this read but only someone who isn't too heartbroken by cliffhangers but more importantly, someone who has an interest in fictitious travel, someone who will stick with a book until the end and also someone who likes a general great read.

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 09:40 pm

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