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Josie, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

Joana is from Lithuania, and was branded a deserter when she fled her homeland in 1941. Florian is a Prussian, who is carrying a priceless piece of stolen art, and somehow managed to escape being recruited in the army. Emilia is from Poland, a land which Hitler considers inferior in every way. She carries a traumatic secret with her, one from the farm where her father sent her to be safe. Alfred is an annoying sailor who keeps lying to himself that he will get a medal. Alfred is useful when the group of travellers want to get on board the Wilhelm Gustloff. The story in this book jumps around a lot, moving to a different characters point of view each chapter.

This book was very sad, especially at the end, and I would give it 8/10.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 08:55 am

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