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Giovanna, What Cool Books @WCB Library


I read this novel and immediately wishfully thought of how much more exciting my life would be if that fictional reality was true. Can you imagine hopping between planets and galaxies in a train that travels faster than the speed of light? Zen Starling, who scrounges all day for jewellery, which he steals, sells and feeds his family from the proceeds, gets a very tempting offer from a seemingly pleasant yet very suspicious man called Raven. He is promised eternal wealth and tranquillity as well as medical treatment for his mother, who is mentally ill. Who can resist an offer like that? He certainly can’t afford to! But what will he have to do? And what are the lengths he is willing to go to in order to secure a better future for himself and his little broken family?
I think Railhead deserves to win the Carnegie Medal because it combines great technology and advancement in learning and develops a compelling plot and cool characters.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 01:27 pm

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