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Giovanna, What Cool Books @WCB Library


This book tells us the powerful story of a British orphan in an orphanage in Canada. It conveys to us the hardships of being a black foreigner at times when labourers were exploited, children were abused by those who claimed to be the better people, and families were torn apart due to poverty and crime. Beck undergoes a horrific time, but ultimately he is an inspirational character. He survives beatings and sexual abuse at an institution run by priests, he runs away from hard labour and finds himself part of a little family, the only people in a long time to show him real love, only to find himself facing great danger when their past catches up with them. We are led through a labyrinth of dead ends as Beck struggles to find a place where he belongs, a place where he will be respected, a place he can call home.
I think the book has the potential to win the Carnegie Medal because of its wide range of characters, its varied use of language and a truly magnificent plot.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 01:28 pm

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