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Pietro, Chobham Academy Book Group


Tidy is a book about a badger that is crazy about tidiness (as his name suggests). Tidy always kept on nagging on and on about being tidy cleaning every animal in the forest but as his hunger for tidiness grew it made the messiness he cleaned up become always worst until finally he understands that it’s better to keep things how they were before. I didn’t enjoy this book very much because I thought I had seen its style a lot so making it seem unoriginal. Even if I didn’t like tidy very much I understand why people would like to read this book. Tidy can be very fun for children also it sends a message to humans telling them to keep the environment how it is. This message is transmitted by making the badger like us to show what we are doing.
To conclude I would give this book a 6/10 because of the books obvious but important message.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 02:02 pm

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