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Lara, Latymer Prep


this story is about a manic badger called Pete who likes to keep everything neat, and by everything i mean EVERYTHING! He's always busy, busy, busy! But what happens if your'e TOO tidy? Read on until the end to find out what Emily Gravett has twisted the end to be! Tidy is a wonderful book to read and the story is very relevant to the environmental issues going on in the world today and could be linked in a few ways but I feel that the illustrations aren't powerful or original enough to express the text or bring it to life. Since we are judging the illustrations and not the text, I don't feel that the illustrations have enough imaginative power to inspire me to enjoy the book as much as i could have. This book could have much more power if Emily Gravett had just let the colours portray themselves in more creative ways! I rate this book 7/10.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 02:03 pm

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