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Olivia, BGS Shadowers

Salt to the Sea

Salt To The Sea is an incredible novel, set amid the chaos and confusion of WW2, in 1943. The book is made up from large amounts of small inputs from a few main characters, including a young Polish girl, a Lithuanian nurse, and a German sailor. As well as following them all on their separate journeys, you see them unite and a small taste of the true horror that was the second world war. The hints and explanations of the characters past show how everybody was affected and although gives the illusion of a complete jigsaw, refuses to give you the final piece, and instead leaves it up to the imagination. The many twists (author) has woven into the fabric of the story leaves you constantly on edge and like any good story, every turned page unlocks a possible world of possibilities. The careful choice of words mean the imagination can run wild and can be intercepted many ways. When reading some other similar books I noticed that other authors spoke carefully of the war, and it didn't seem as if the author believed in the characters as much as the readers. Ruta Sepetys was a complete exception; her ability to talk about the war so freely is very refreshing and allows the reader to really connect with the words. It is a great reminder that not all stories of life end with a full stop, but some mid-sentence, and that life isn't perfect. The only criticism I have is that the story was very depressing. I am aware this made it more realistic, however i barely had time to reach for a tissue before they dropped another bombshell. Overall, I think this book is still pretty awesome though.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 03:21 pm

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