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Christian , CoLA Chatterbooks

Salt to the Sea

As of my experience of the book, I think that Salt of the Sea by Ruta

Sepetys presented itself as an immersive yet semi-confusing

experience, as the four main characters’ stories, are explained

separately from each other, which I consider a good concept. It is a

story about four young people who meet in the winter of 1945,

during World War II. They all have somewhat dark pasts but all

have one goal: to reach a ship. Many other characters revealing

their past are introduced, but that is as much of the plot as I will


The story is very intriguing and provokes the reader to consider the

current states of each of the characters as each perspective is, as

expected, told in the first person. However, it creates confusion at

the beginning of the story (say, the first 20 pages) despite the

names of each character serving as chapter titles (e.g. Emelia)

since no real introduction regarding it is actually given. Despite this,

the characters introduce a level of sympathy and tension between

them as their own personal stories unfold, and when they meet

each other, the plot thickens to add more co-operation and flow

between the relatively short chapters, which amount to be a lot in


Overall, I enjoyed this book due to its immersive characters and

tense scenes, but the way it was initially started could give readers

confusion as it is not really properly understood at first.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 07:03 pm

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