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Walid , CoLA Chatterbooks


This book was an amazing book to read because it included all sorts of twists and turns. It shows you how interesting the world can be in a magical and fictional place but at the same time while reading a book.
This book is about a kid who rides the trains that come through the city and the markets so that he can get to the centre and try to shoplift and steal as many products as he can. However even though you might think that this boy is a thief, even though he is doing wrong, he does all of this so he can feed his family.
It has intrigued me a lot and allowed me to trap my mind into reading this book. One of the reasons why is because the author Philip Reeve has constructed this book in a fantastic way and has set it in a theme where no one has heard of it so everyone wants to read it.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 07:22 pm

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