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Taniya, Plashet School

Wolf Hollow

After reading such a gripping tale, it had automatically became my favourite book. My eyes became watery at the part where it was announced that Toby had died. I was able to see an image popping in my head, seeing the gloomy atmosphere of Wolf Hollow.

What I find interesting in Wolk's book is that she had designed Annabelle's mother as such a kindhearted person.

To me Sarah McBride (Annabelle's mother) and Toby were surprisingly my favourite characters. At the end was just too much to me that I couldn't even explain it. Speaking of not explaining it, what I found interesting is that how Wolk had made Toby confess to Annabelle of his past in such a short matter. I mean like it seemed like we weren't suppose to think of Toby's past because we were kind of aware of it.

Overall I give this book a thumbs up due to it's intentional heartbreaks Wolk had given me and it's sweet moments of Annabelle and Toby.

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 09:15 pm

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