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Olivia M , Glossopdale Community College

Salt to the Sea

The novel 'Salt To The Sea' by Ruta Sepetys was just a book that I fell in love with straight away . I have always loved reading books about the world war as they are just so interesting and have a massive effect on so many people .

The Book comes from four people's perspective: Joana, Emilia, Florian and Alfred . I like the way that the author has set the story out like this because it makes it easier for the reader to understand and the author has also zoomed in on each character and has really given the reader every bit of detail about each person which I actually love . In someways it makes you feel like you were from World War 2 because of how emotional and heartbreaking the story line ends up being .

When you are reading this absolutely amazing novel you have to really get stuck in with the story and get caught in the life changing moments that happen . Ruta Sepetys is just one of those authors that everyone will be talking about in a few years or maybe months because of her fantastic book . Hopefully she brings out lots more that I will definitely be reading .

I would highly recommend this book to anybody even if you don't like wartime books - this novel will change that in the space of a few pages. I certainly think that this book has a chance of being in the top three of this year's Carnegie Book awards and will make more people love reading .

Posted on: 9th May 2017 at 11:15 pm

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