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Lockie, French International School Hong Kong

The Bone Sparrow

The bone sparrow is about the life of a boy called Subhi who was born in a detention centre in Australia and has lived there for his whole life. The boy has little knowledge of the outside world and only knows the stuff that he has heard or has been told in stories. His life at the start is a combination of boredom, heat, running errands for his best friend and his dreaming during the night. He dreams about whales singing to him and a night ocean and he believes that his father will come for him and get him out of the centre. This book does a good job of portraying the characters in a realistic way.

Although, I still didn't really like the book because for me, it didn't grip me and didn't make me want to turn the pages and keep on reading. I prefer more action packed books that have you wanting to keep on going into the night. This book has an emotional connection with the reader as it is telling the story of many boys just like him in the real world but apart from that, it does not really make any connections to other people that we can relate to. I think good books are the ones that make you feel like the main character and make you want to be in the book. This book in my opinion did not do that.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 08:11 am

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