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SIERRA, Latymer Prep


To begin with, I really enjoyed reading this book. The illustrator filled it with fun and exciting pictures.
This story is about a tidy badger called Pete loves to keep everything perfect and tidy. He even cleans up the other animals! But when all the leaves fell off the trees, Pete went up to collect them all. After that all the trees looked so ordinary and bare. So tidy Pete knocked all the trees down, but then he realized the forest didn’t look like a forest anymore without the trees. So he then, with the other animals, put all the trees back and what belonged in the forest. After that, Pete was never so tidy anymore!
My favourite drawing is when all the leaves are falling of the trees and Pete looks up at the trees very worried. And the way Emily Gravett illustrates the book is amazing. l also relished how instead of being and ordinary story word after word, she in a way rhymed every sentence with each other.
I would really recommend this book to an age rage for 3+ year olds as it’s a book which, I think, all ages will enjoy.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 09:53 am

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