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Izzy, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Bone Sparrow

This is a heart-warming tale about a young refugee called Subhi and his life in a refugee camp. It follows his story as he meets a girl called Jimmie, from outside the camp, and she helps him learn that there is a world outside of the camp; he hadn’t quite realised this before he met Jimmie, because he was born and raised in the camp. However, upon meeting Jimmie, she asked him to read the book of her mother’s stories, and because Subhi had always been desperate for something to read, he accepted. Subhi and Jimmie both love stories from their ancestors, passed down through the generations.

I think this book is an eye-opener to the conditions that some people are forced to live in. It shows that innocent people are having to live in squalid conditions, with barely any food or water. The book shows how these people shouldn’t be in the camps because most of them have never done anything wrong.

The guards of the camp are known as the Jackets, and most of them are cruel and unfeeling. However, one of them, Harvey, is kind to Subhi and the other people in the camp, giving them water on extremely hot days when they otherwise would’ve had none. He is contrasted by another Jacket, Beaver, who is the most unjust one of all. He hates the people in the camp, because one of them took his eye, and is always angry. His fury drives him to hurt the people in the camp, and sometimes even to kill.

This book is amazing and educational, but in a good way. I would recommend it to everyone, as it teaches the reader about the hardships that some people have to face in their lives.

Posted on: 29th March 2017 at 01:59 pm

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