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Railhead is a complicated book in the sense of characters, but in the way the book is written, it is not very challenging at all. It certainly is a very imaginative book, with new and original ideas I had never read before. Railhead is my fourth book I have read so far, and as all the other books I have read are quite heavy and are about very serious subjects, I had expected Railhead to be something similar. It is not, and is in fact quite a break from all the heavy books. Altogether, I cannot say I have enjoyed this book a lot, and it is definitely not one of my favourites, as I found it quite childish, especially compared to the others. The thing that I did like, on the other hand, is the way the author, Philip Reeve, has made one of the characters (Raven) very complicated. Even days after I had finished the book, I found myself thinking about that splendidly intricate character, and whether he was actually good or not. In the end, I have decided he is neither, which ironically makes him more human than some other characters, even though he is in fact a cloned body. I like how Raven is sometimes portrayed as the "goodie", helping Zen Starling out and treating him almost like a son, while at other times he's a "baddie", using people only for his own benefits.
All in all, I think Railhead is definitely worth reading, even just to ease your mind from all the seriousness of some of the other books, and to dive into the endless tunnels of the Great Network to ride the rails of imagination with Zen Starling.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 12:17 pm

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