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Ellie, South Molton Community College - Carnegie

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea is a superfluous fictional novel, written by the author Ruta Sepety. The novel tells a story from four people’s minds. The plot is about refugees trying to escape the Russian’s by boarding a boat. All the characters in the book meet each other and their relationships develop and vary between one another.

The novel was narrated in 1st person, by four people. Each person told the same story from a different perspective, this allowed the reader to connect with the characters and therefore, really understand the context and desperation of the novel. I really liked the four person perspective because it really captivates the reader and portrays the desperation everyone possessed.

The book was set in Germany during the 2nd World War. All the characters are trying to escape from the Russian’s on an overcrowded ship that gets sunk.I found that this setting influenced the story and portrayed the desperation and therefore created imagery in the readers mind.

The book is a historical fiction. I found that the book compared well to other historical fictions, due to the first person perspective. This meant that the book portrayed complex twists and turns which were concluded extremely well. I found some historical fictions to be slightly dull but Salt to the Sea was an opposite of these fictions.

The general theme of the book was desperation, which the author portrayed really well by showing this through peoples thoughts and emotions. I really thought this was an incredible book that portrayed this theme extremely effectively.

To conclude, Salt to the Sea is an incredible historical fiction portrayed through peoples thoughts. I loved this book because it was fascinated and I really connected to the characters. I thought the ending was amazing and I loved the letter at the end that rounded the story off amazingly. I would definitely recommend others to read this book because it is extremely intriguing and an amazingly written novel.

Posted on: 29th March 2017 at 04:21 pm

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