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Khole, Chobham Academy Book Group


My Review to this book is that the book was really interesting! My favourite part of the book is when tidy has realised that he didn't find no food or the door to his house. It's exactly how he wants but can't eat or do anything! I think that the writer had dark pages because this is showing how the negatives feeling that the badger is showing! First the writer has illustrated the book really well and chose the right season which is when he should get moving because tree are falling and tidy is getting really annoyed and I think he has the OCD! At the end Petes has learnt his lesson because the fox looks dirty the ants are picking up his cleaning accessories and threw them in bin! I think the message from the don't over stress because sometimes you can do something you didn't mean to do! It has been a longtime since I read books that has illustration!

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 01:41 pm

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