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Adam, Nathan and Paige Y7, NDAllstars

A Great Big Cuddle

Straight away we said little kids would like the cover because it is brightly coloured and it shows a little girl cuddling a soft toy just like they would. Inside, the list of contents is colourful and the pictures of the little ones at the bottom stand out against the white background. Colourful backgrounds are used a lot in the book to represent different things, like in 'Mo', the blue represents the water the panda falls into and the red background opposite shows the love the little girl has for her toy.
The facial expressions show emotion well- the angry mouse is a good example and the guilty expression of the T.Rex is great and we know the little boy is fed up by the way he is standing and the frown on his face. Expressions are a great way to teach little children about emotions, you could ask them questions like 'Why is the dog called 'Gruff'?
We liked the different language features used in the book, there is lots of repetition in the silly, nonsense poems which will entertain small kids and they are very simple to understand. We have left a question for Chris Riddell on the website, we hope he will answer us!
Our favourite poems/illustrations;

Adam- I loved the moose eating the bar of chocolate because it is odd and silly, the poem also has good puns -chocolate and moose (mousse)and 'Hot dog'.

Nathan- My favourite is 'Winter'- the little cubs are cold until their mum gives them a 'Great big Cuddle' - this fits in with the title of the book, I thought it was clever.

Paige-I think the poem 'Mo' is lovely because the background colours show different things and the little girl is trying to warm the panda that she loves, up by giving him a 'Great Big Cuddle' which is the name of the book.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 01:54 pm

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