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The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow was the first book I read in this year's carnegie, and even though I've now read four more, it still remains my favourite, tied with Salt To The Sea. I find the story deeply moving, and embarrassingly honest. It opened my eyes and made me think about why there are still people in the world living in these horrible conditions, and that we should be doing more to help them.
Touching, tragic, and truthful, it is a tale about Subhi, a young, ordinary ten-year-old boy. Except, he's not ordinary. Being the first baby ever to be born in an immigration detention centre, Subhi has never set foot in the outside world. All he has ever known is the harsh conditions and cruelty shown to the Rohingya people. But despite that, or maybe because of, Subhi has a wild imagination, an imagination that allows him to create a world of his own, and to imagine the one which he has never known. Because Subhi has seen people go crazy, and people that only manage to stay sane because they know they have memories. Memories of outside the camp. And since Subhi doesn't have those memories, he has to create some of his own, even though for other people they might not be real. That is, until he meets Jimmie- a girl from the other side...

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 03:18 pm

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