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Jessica and Natasha Y10, Chobham Academy Book Group


We think the cover would appeal to children 4+. The cutaway detail will make them feel they are going into the story, entering the forest. The stark white background helps the characters stand out and the colours are perfect, picking out the detail in the plants and trees.
Pete is an anthropomophised badger, determined to keep the forest tidy at all costs.
The expression of consternation on the face of the fox and the owl shows their confusion. The little humourous touches, such as Pete's apron, the bird shampoo, along with the birds queuing up to be washed in the bird bath, the base of which features a pair of badgers are inspired! We loved the badger vacuum cleaner but little ones might ask where it was plugged in?
The woodland creatures are so cute!
The plain white background again accentuates the beautiful autumnal colours as the trees begin to shed their leaves, while some animals look up, knowing winter is on its way, with the squirrel storing shiny nuts to see him though the season.
Pete thinks the forest is tidy as he stands atop the mountain of rubbish bags but they are a bigger eyesore than the leaves!
As he digs up the tree, we see animals fleeing as he destroys their natural habitat. When there is a deluge of rain he see the damage he has done by removing the trees- the torrents of mud! Again, Pete does not consider the plight of the woodland animals when he gets the 'Tidy' diggers in, the faces of the fox and the rabbit show sadness and panic. There are good examples of repetition and alliteration when the forest floor has been covered in concrete as Pete dances for joy at the tidiness. He soon sees the result of his ocd when he decides to go foraging for food and finds himself unable to access his den, having to spend the night in a cement mixer!
We think it was cute the way all the animals and birds chipped in to help get the forest back to normal. They all look really happy at the picnic, surrounded by all the cleaning materials. This book is a good lesson on how to be happy with what you have got. Really little children will like the pictures and the story but we don't think they would understand the message it brings We loved it 10/10

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 03:22 pm

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