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Anna, Jordan, Philip and Riley Y7, NDAllstars

Wild Animals of the North

We think this book would be suitable for children age 10+We liked the geometric shapes used by the illustrator to show the tone and accuracy. The maps at the beginning show the animals common to the area as well as the colours representing the temperatures.
The illustrations of the animals are wonderful, Braun uses a lot of movement in his drawings, for example, the woodpecker's head as it pecks the trunk of the tree and the snow leopard almost looks as if it is stalking its prey.
The illustrator uses colour perfectly in each picture and in most, the brush strokes beautifully show the texture of the various furs/ feathers. The Japanese macaque looks like it is wearing a fleecy hoody. The background colours also reflect the habitat of the animals perfectly. We loved the way the faces are so symmetrical. We were a little puzzled that some of the animals have descriptions and others don't.
This book is suitable for older children but little ones will love the animals too! We give it 8/10 if all the animals had stories it would have been 10/10!

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 04:01 pm

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