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Ela , Latymer Prep


Tidy is a colourful and bright book with plenty of eye-catching designs and features. The story is touching and cute in a simple way, however the concept of someone being excessively neat at the expense of the environment and regretting his actions is a common theme and I have seen it before. Therefore, the book isn't as unique as some of the other candidates for the Kate Greenaway award are. The illustrations are striking and child-friendly but aren't interlinked and do not deeply relate to the text as much as I'd like them to. Although, the book does encourage people to be more environmental-friendly and has a moral about protecting our environment and that everything doesn't have to be absolutely perfect for it to be lovely.
I would say that this book is suitable for younger readers from ages 4-8. I would rate this book a 7/8 because I did enjoy the layout of colours and illustrations.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 08:00 pm

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