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Freddie, Bryanston Carnegie Club

The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow is a story that is based on a family in a immigration camp. The main character, Subhi is a refugee who is born on the refugee camp (immigration detention centre). Subhi has lived in the immigration centre his whole life with his 'Maa' and his sister Queeny. He is a member of the Rohingya people of Burma but has never stepped foot on his homeland. His entire life is defined by razor wire, which surrounds the centre, and the normal brutality of the guards (Subhi calls them jackets). The 'jackets' are very cruel to the refugees, chucking Sushi's mother's food on the ground so she has to eat it covered in gravel early on in the book. This is all but one 'jacket' who is Subhi's friend called Harvey and he is kind to him and all the other immigrants. Subhi is a cheerful character filled with optimism and kindness. Subhi out of his kindness steals packages with goods in and delivers them to people around the centre and also some people in other centre's over the wire. He delivers things like food, water, pants, socks and one time in the book Subhi gets caught passing a package over the wire to someone by a jacket called Beaver. Beaver is known around camp for always trying to get the immigrants in trouble and looking down upon Harvey for being kind and giving them extra food and water. This especially happens when on a boiling day Harvey brings a paddling pool in for the immigrants around the centre to cool off in.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 08:42 pm

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