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Sirin, Plashet School

Salt to the Sea

Ruta clearly structured this moving story of four different people, embedding historical facts very nicely into it. The descriptions in the story made me visualise and somehow feel how the war must have been. Though the ending was sad, Ruta made it clear that the consequences of the war in the book was the reality.
The characters become less of a stranger to me as we read on and started to unwrap their secrets. Their narration and inner thoughts very much helped me to know who they were. It was very interesting how the four characters converged because they were completely different people. Their behaviour showed how the war had affected them and their personality traits stayed consistent throughout.
The writing moved along very well, fitting the type of book it is. The author kept an atmosphere of war throughout the novel which continuously reminded me that this was the reality.
This story is a reminder to us of the forgotten tragedy of the Wilhelm Gustloff.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 10:38 pm

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