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George , Exeter School

The Bone Sparrow

This book has really opened my eyes to the situation certain people are in in modern times. I really like these eye opening books even if they can be sad and somewhat depressing. The story was made even more impacting to me when looking into how much of this story is based on real life, including the riot near the end which lines up with with a real life event.
The book itself is mostly from the perspective of Subbi, an immigrant who was born in the camp with his family coming from Burma. It is a really interesting and impacting choice to choose someone born in the camp as from his perspective he knows no better than the camp and doesn't really understand when Queeny and Eli are desperate for the world to see what happens in it. I like this approach as it really disheartens you that you are hearing these terrible events from a perspective of someone who is used to it and sees it as nothing special. This is mirrored by Jimmie and her perspective who sees it as an awful thing but does not know why they are there and does not completely understand it.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to be educated on the current immigration situation in a very intimate way. I honestly think that for any politician or member of the public to judge immigration at the moment they should read this book; it will stop them from thinking about numbers, but about people.

Posted on: 10th May 2017 at 11:14 pm

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