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Lithiya, BSG


Railhead was truly an enjoyable read with it's fast paced, yet gripping plot.
Although it was a fairly short novel when it comes to the sci-fi and dystopian genre, Phillip Reeve did an excellent job of creating a futuristic world, without any major plot holes. The universe he creates is a very diverse place with all sorts of people, which is reflected throughout the choice of characters.
Zen Starling to me was a very unique character, unlike many other male protagonists, because although he is chosen by Raven, the antagonist you could say, he is unsure of himself. He is not very confident and believes he will not be able to achieve the task set before him by Raven. Being a character who is not great with feeling, it's really nice to see him open up to Nova, who is a Motorik, which means a robot, It's quite funny because you think it would be the robot having problems with feelings.
Also it is quite endearing to watch the friendship, maybe something more bloom between as they do have quite good chemistry.
The one thing I would have liked to see was some more interaction with the person who has been trying to kill all the clones of Raven, Malik, and Raven as we know they have some history between them. So I would have liked maybe a confrontation scene.
I think that this book is great contender for the Carnegie Medal Awards and would like to see it win. I give it a 4.5/5 stars.

Posted on: 29th March 2017 at 08:09 pm

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