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Alexandra , St Augustines Catholic College

Salt to the Sea

"Guilt is a hunter". These are the first lines of 'Salt to the Sea' and the first lines of the next four chapters start in the same way "...hunter". The main story is woven from the point of view of four young people in Germany, and the first line of each of their first chapters sums up their main feeling throughout this book. As well as a gripping start to the people's stories all of their first chapters end in the word "BANG" which end up linking some of their stories together and adding suspense. Altogether, I believe that this book is very well constructed, linking the different stories together well and the author, to me, seemed to have control of the plot. One of the main aspects of this story that I love is the way that you find more and more out about each of the characters as the book goes on, not just about their character but also about their history. Also, all the characters in this story are mainly believable as there would have been people running from guilt, fate, shame and fear. Moreover, the book is based on real facts and the description given really makes you picture war time Germany. Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I never really enjoyed reading the chapters by Alfred (one of the young people); however, this could just be because there is not as much action and it is mainly 'mental letters' at the start. I also think that the mood created by the author is just right for the setting of war time Germany and links well to the main theme of the book. Overall I found great pleasure in reading this book and believe it is one that I will remember; now I might try to read some more of Ruta Sepetys books. I would defiantly recommend this book!

Posted on: 29th March 2017 at 08:17 pm

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