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Ukyung, North London Collegiate School, Jeju, South Korea

Salt to the Sea

I think Salt to the Sea was an exceptional book, effectively portraying the different viewpoints of different people during Hitler's cruel regime.
I think the wintry setting of this book also cast a gloomy, desolate aura to the book, which went along very well with the dire situations.
I loved the fact that one of the characters was a brainwashed, slimy psychopathic. He absolutely brought the book alive with his crazy comments, and he was the perfect example of what Hitler and his regime/teachings could turn people into. As much as i liked the fact that he was in this book, I despised his character itself. He was effective, but he was still a slimy plotter.
Florian's 'act of defiance' against Hitler was simply marvellous. When most people think about 'acts of defiance', they mostly define the acts as physical acts against people. But Florian was wise to choose a better method of showing his 'act of defiance'. In Korea, during the Japanese colonisation, a nobleman named 'Jun Hyung Pil' retrieved loads of valuable Korean artifacts and treasures. I think Florian's actions were just as noble, but with entirely different motives.
According to Google, amber represents the sun. Since Hitler's most precious amber swan was taken away, I think that represents victory/freedom for the Polish, the Scandinavians, the Jews, and so on.
The book was truly remarkable, and it makes me very sorrowful to re-think about the many deaths, that occurred as the result of Hitler's terrible regime.

Posted on: 11th May 2017 at 11:29 am

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