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Philip Reeve’s book Rail Head is about a petty thief, Zen Starling, who gets hired by a master criminal, Raven. Zen is on a mission to steal the pyxis, which is a mysterious box containing a shining black orb, decorated with an intricate design.

Not only this, he has to disguise his identity as a multibillionaire’s son, Tallis Noon. On the way, he makes friends with Nova (a motorik), Threnody (a distant cousin of Tallis) and the hive monks (a curious species of insects which form together to make a human shaped figure).

The opening scene drew me in straight away. It is fast paced, the thrilling use of fictional planets is totally unique and you can tell that it is set so far into the future that humans have discovered other universes.

My favourite part is the introduction to Uncle Bugs at the start. He is a dealer of goods that Zen steals for him to sell. I thought the fact that it was written in four parts was better than just being in chapters because there was a dramatic cliff-hanger at the end of each one.

Posted on: 29th March 2017 at 09:35 pm

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