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Sam, Ermysted's


This book attempted to introduce the reader to a new world, but I believe it failed, and drastically failed- there was plenty of new terminology created, but the emission of any mention of the glossary (which I only found existed after finishing the book), infuriated me. Let us take, for example, the word 'Motorik'. When first coming along the aforementioned term, I was confused to the exact meaning of the word. I, at first, wrongly assumed that 'Motorik' was a race or something of the like- after I had read a sizeable amount of pages more, I came to realise that a 'motorik' were androids- I cannot accept books where trivial things, such as this, cause such inconvenience!
This brings me onto the next subject- the story. Never a more potentially (relatively) simple plot has been made into an utter convoluted mess. Whilst I won't detail the narrative, what I can tell you is that Railhead first introduces characters who seem almost pivotal to the story line and then just 'disposes' of them (no, not kill them off, but take out of story). I also have little to no idea why Raven's cloning was included- sure, it may seem to some people that it made Malik's desire to finally murder (though he had killed Raven's clones many a time) the final Raven clone, but all that story branch for a character who was mentioned in around five chapters? Nonsense.
Though I have to credit Philip Reeve for his expansive universe, I just don't think this book makes the cut. Most of the characters seemed to have no motive/side motives whatsoever, and that made for a completely forgettable cast, but most of all, a completely forgettable story. I am, in a blatant euphemism, not impressed.

Posted on: 17th March 2017 at 05:46 pm

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