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Eleanor, Brookfield Community School

Salt to the Sea

I personally really liked this book. Three out of the four narrator characters (the three that you're supposed to like) make you root for them, and all four narrators are compelling and multilayered: they all had their own motivations, ideologies and ways of thinking, and it's really interesting to see the war through the eyes of people from different countries. It's fascinating from a historical standpoint, as it sheds light on a largely forgotten part of history, and shows it from a human perspective - even characters who only have one or two appearances are fleshed out, and have personalities. This makes it all the more emotional when the inevitable climax arrives, and it really feels like people are dying, and not just statistics. I did feel like the Amber Room subplot, while interesting, was unnecessary, and that Alfred's motives should have been explained more gradually, rather than as one chapter during delirium. Other than that, an enjoyable, emotional read. Highly recommended.

Posted on: 11th May 2017 at 01:48 pm

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