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After reading the blurb, I knew that the book was going to be interesting as it told us that the main character was mixed race and being a mixed race child in the early 1900’s was harsh.
I liked how the blurb was very short and snappy with barely any description and hints in which was going to happen in the book. It was as if the writer wanted us to see what happens in the book for ourselves.

As the blurb only told us that the main character was born with a brief encounter between his mum and an African -American soldier I wanted to know more on how our main character was born and that's more on how our main character was born and that's what the first chapter told me the full story. Despite myself wanting to jump into the main novel, I never got bored reading the first chapter, mainly because it was quick paced two and a half page synopsis. When I turned the page to start reading the next chapter. BANG! Straight in. There were only a few lines about Becks past and earlier years but straight into the story we went. In an instant, my eyes were hit with a smile and lots of description; some parts presented in a jocular way. I enjoyed how Mal Peet could carry on with the story and add small detailed pieces of description around it to keep the glow going.

If she told the story and then went off into describing something unrelated to it, I would've been bored already.

One last thing, I am astonished by her use of language. She uses words that any teenager reading would have to look it up. And when you look up the word you notice that it means more than any other, child-like synonym, it just shortens the description and makes it more interesting for the reader to read.

Overall after reading the first few pages on this book, i am really enjoying it and could complete with my favourite series. (The Enemy by Charlie Higson) so far. I just want to carry on reading it!

Posted on: 11th May 2017 at 03:52 pm

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