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Halle, OSSMA Oracles

The Bone Sparrow

To start off with, The Bone Sparrow is really an inspiring and moving book. It`s a story of a boy, Subhi, and a girl, Jimmie. When Jimmie goes exploring down her hill she stumbles upon the town`s immigration detention centre. She instantly knows she has to get in there and to explore. Whereas Subhi, he was born at the Immigration Detention Centre and has only known a life behind fences and walls. He lives with his best friend, duck, sister, Maa... oh did I mention the rest of the camp and the jackets that are always watching over them, especially Beaver. Subhi waits most nights for the sea to bring his Ba`s treasures, these moments are his favourite. But when he meets Jimmie it`s as if his life is so much better when he`s with her. But when something changes, his life goes straight downhill.

Posted on: 30th March 2017 at 08:38 am

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