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Minsu, North London Collegiate School, Jeju, South Korea

Salt to the Sea

First of all, I should say that Ruta Sepetys is great writer. Her ways to describe characters' emotions and their relationships between each other is incredible. This book is written in first person, but in different perspectives. I liked when a character's emotion was shown in the other character's view. It made me to think much more because I can't know how exactly that character is thinking. It was hard to follow at first, since there are several perspectives, but after several pages I completely adapted to the writing style. This is one of the reasons this book should get the Carnegie Medal. It is certainly a hard job to make readers adapt to a new style, but she made it so easily!
Another reason that she deserves the Medal is that the ratio of historical facts and fiction was perfect. It seems like she had done a lot of research. The facts were specific enough to make me to think the story was real. Which means it helped me to imagine all the situations in my head because it felt it was so real. Also, the plot was perfectly fitted into the background.
In addition, my favourite part of this book is when all characters, first sentences were started in ".... is a hunter." and at the end of the book their last sentences were also "... is a hunter" In this part, they seemed like they lost all the hopes and when ship found them, I recognised that all their hope started to revive and they think "... is my hunter, so what? I overcame it" I could never ever imagine that she would use "... is a hunter" again, at the end of the book, and as the tool to show their changes and new peaceful life. This made me to think that she's a genius.
This book made me find the joy of historical fiction, which is one of the reasons why this book is so successful and splendid. And for all other reasons that I mentioned, Ruta Sepetys and her book deserves the Medal.

Posted on: 12th May 2017 at 09:04 am

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