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Amaana, Latymer Prep


Tidy is about a sweet little badger who can’t help wanting everything to be neat. Though it starts promising an enjoyable story with illustrations enhancing the text, throughout you learn how important it is to know when to stop, to think of others and to think about consequences. I think the main moral was based on environmental welfare and care, with Pete the badger portraying many humans oblivious to the importance of the natural environment. As with many children’s stories, the ending leaves you with a feeling of warmth, which is only increased by the illustrations. There are sad parts to this story and the illustrations portray the feeling the text is trying to get across, with dark colours conveying the bleak, mournful and usually lonely character’s feelings. This story is important to read, especially for younger children, as it introduces how important the environment is for other animals. The pictures enhance the text well, and the only downside I would give is that the story is sugar coated with sweet little images a little too much, so it is hard for younger readers to understand the main point of the book. The artwork has a sweet though quirky style that suits the story well. I would give the illustrations 8/10, simply because they are really good! I would recommend it to 5-9 year olds, so they could understand the real meaning of the book.

Posted on: 12th May 2017 at 10:11 am

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