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Piyush, Latymer Prep


Tidy is a childish, unrealistic but really imaginative and amazingly illustrated story about an OCD Badger called Pete who has to keep everything clean, hence the book is called Tidy. Pete washes birds, combs all the tangles and foliage from a fox’s hair and collects every leaf that falls of a tree. In winter, when the trees are bare, he thinks the trees are untidy so he removes them from the forest and covers the ground with concrete later realising the error of his ways when he can’t get anything to eat. He then returns the forest back to normal with all the forest animals helping him do so. The main messages of this book are environmental preservation and the perils of being too neat.
I enjoyed the absolute synergy between text and pictures and the woodland feel to most of the book. As well as the discreet but still clear emotions on the animal’s faces, the keep your forest clean bins, and the hidden eater eggs like badgers on the birdbath and home sweet sett sign in Pete’s sett was a laugh.
I recommend this book to younger readers from the ages 1-5 because the linguistics are fairly simple and the plot is humorous for younger readers but still has a beginning, build up, dilemma, resolution and ending like most published picture books.

Posted on: 12th May 2017 at 01:50 pm

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