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James, Wellingborough Senior School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This is a book which a feel very strongly about. As I read this rage filled my body for the lack of basic English skills and through grammar, punctuation and even basic vocabulary the author invented a new meaning of frustration with every passing sentence. An example of this is the title, it is spelt "Oktober"; Personally I'm not the best at punctuation, but seriously she uses almost none if any commas.

As you can probably tell I detest this book and any others that have this style of writing, I could understand the fact that she has brain damage and can't cope with much, but when she says perfectly formed thoughts it makes me annoyed that she clearly can't remember that she apparently used to be able to form a sentence correctly. However through her troubled family, a maniac of a father, a brother or friend which keeps picking his scabs to remind him of things and a house which the council want to demolish, I can see what the author is trying to achieve and others may like this book for it's deeper understanding of a damaged mind, however I cannot cope with this style of writing. I'm sorry if this review is not very substantial as I could not stand to get very far through the book and became quintessentially enraged even when reading a page.

James Kemp

Posted on: 12th May 2017 at 06:29 pm

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