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Alice, St Helen and St Katharine

Where the World Ends

Although the cover makes the book look interesting it started a bit too slowly for my liking.
Quill and his friends are sent to a stac every summer to hunt birds. This time Quill has the honour to be king Gannet. To do this he has to kill the bird whose name is King Gannet. After the weeks that they’ve been there they haven’t been picked up. A small boy called Euan hits his head, he pictures a reason why they haven’t been picked up. This is where it started to get interesting but after that it continued like the start but slightly faster.
The characters are realistic and convincing, and they do develop during the book. The way they speak in my opinion was not what I would expect from where they are from. There were parts of the book where it seemed like it was from Quill’s perspective but written in third person.
I didn’t like this book too much because it started slowly, and I would rate it 4/10 for its slow started beginning, there were moments where I wanted to put it down and moments when it got interesting then it started sink down. The balance between dialogue and narrative is mainly to the side of narrative, there is much more narrative than dialogue. The dialogue is slang and I found it hard to read, I had to read it aloud for me to understand the language. The author has made the plot seem slightly gloomy and evil in places but although there are interesting parts, it is a slow book and hard to get into.

Posted on: 26th March 2018 at 01:00 pm

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