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Chloe, Chobham Academy Book Group


Already looking at the cover, this book screams 'RAILHEAD' and may make you wonder, 'Wow, what is this book about?'.

Railhead starts already with a fast pace which can be seen throughout the book. We meet Zen Starling, a thief who steals to help his poor family, and we are introduced to a new and creatively imagined world fueled by trains, which travel pretty much the entire galaxy using K-Gates. Zen, after a few complications, meets a robot (motorik), who somehow knows Zen's name, named Nova who takes Zen to meet Raven, a mysterious seeming man who wants Zen to steal something of great significance for him. It is also revealed that Zen actually shares the blood of a prestigious and powerful family, the Noons.

Already summing up something like 12 chapters, I feel the story is very fast paced but just slow enough for me to process every single little world on the page. I also thought that the plot jumped around a bit and wasn't made clear of what the plot was until the heist.

However, the crazy imaginative world the author has imagined is very well thought-out, me being a fan of franchises such a Star Wars, the author has created a universe full of so many big details right down to some nitty gritty bits, there's even a glossary at the back explaining the various jargon that the author uses within the story. The scenes that the author describes are wonderful, believable and easy to imagine, with just enough words to complete an image.

The character development is certainly fitting for a story such as Railhead, it especially does a good job on explaining backstories on characters such as Raven.

While the ending left me thinking, 'Okay.', I didn't really feel as if I wanted to pick up the sequel to the book, Black Light Express, right away. I felt like, even though there was this fast exciting pace, it felt slightly boring at times and I felt sometimes that I wanted to put the book down and do something else. Perhaps I thought when I read the blurb and picked the book up, that it was going to be a really cool world and story that would amaze me a bit, but instead I felt a bit disappointed.

I am a Sci-fi fan and don't get me wrong this book is great, but I just didn't like it as much as I thought I might have.

I would recommend this for Sci-fi fans, people who can keep up with fast pace and completely new concepts as well as Action lovers.

Posted on: 13th May 2017 at 02:59 pm

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