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Ayesha, Impington Village College


This book has taken me through a world of someone else: through their troubles of being bullied, family issues and their excitement of saving new animals.
All the chapters ended in clifhangers; the strong description of the characters feelings and the thought that I am right there in the scene, have resulted in me not ever being able to put the book down! One of my favourite parts has to be the beginning when the story starts in the perspective of the Rook and the author describes all the movement and settings with great detail which really made it a great start. My favourite character has to be Kenny because I liked the way he was so exthusiastic about everything he did,especially when they found Brock, and was always reling on his brother (Nicky) for help.
Before reading Rook I read a very similar book called Brock and I found it interesting that there were some links between both stories. I would definitely recommend both books to those who haven't read them yet!

Posted on: 26th March 2018 at 08:06 pm

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