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Toby, Impington Village College

The Bone Sparrow

The bone sparrow is a heart-breaking tale about hope and change.
Subhi is a refugee, who was born in an immigration detention centre. All he has ever known is life trapped inside the camp,which is ruthless and crammed full of people who aren't allowed to leave. Based on real refugee camps, it shows the harsh reality of life as a refugee.

Parts of this book shocked me to the bone. There was a scene where unhygienic food made large proportions of the camp sick and they were all vomiting around the place and the majority of the wardens watched them and laughed.

Other parts bored me. There was a large section of the book at the start where the night sea, a imaginary ocean that comes out at night and brings him gifts, was over stretched as it was the only thing that could keep the story moving at that point. Subhi also talks to a toy duck that gives him advice which is odd.

The story then picks up when he meets Jimmie, a scruffy impatient girl from over the fence. This brings hope into the formerly bleak world and picks the story up to make it the kind of exciting book you hope to find on the Carnegie shortlist.

There was one point where a main character dies (which was rather upsetting) and it's odd how Subhi copes with his loss. However this was effective in the author showing the cruel treatment of the refugees.

Overall this is a moving story that I would recommend for mature people of ten years and above because of its upsetting scenes and its different view on the world.

Posted on: 13th May 2017 at 06:41 pm

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