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Leena, Chapter & Chatter

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This is a powerful and moving novel. I absolutely loved it! Even though the writing style of this book takes some time to get used to ( a lack of capital letters and lots of poetry) you gradually realise that this is part of the magic of the book.
A little about the book:
The story is about a teenage girl called Alice Nightingale who had a horrific tragedy. As the story unfolds you learn more about what happened to her. Left with brain damage, Alice is stuck 'forever twelve' and struggles to understand her new life and accept it. She expresses her feeling through poetry because she struggles to speak. When Manny, a refugee from the war in Somalia, finds Alice's poem,they cross paths and gain a strong friendship between them. Together they start to overcome the horrors of their past.
I recommend this book to anyone - it will open your eyes to a new perspective of the world and is such a amazingly written book that it's enjoyable to read!
Overall, I give 'the stars at oktober bend' 5 out of 5.

Posted on: 13th May 2017 at 06:48 pm

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