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Lara F, QGJS Greenaway Bookworms

There is a Tribe of Kids

I loved this book. I thought the layout and medium were extremely effective. The title was also very good because you thought it would be about a tribe of goats. I loved the fact that the pictures told the story and the text gave little information (usually it is the other way round). I also enjoyed the fact that each page linked to the last one, the next one or both. There is also a peace of mystery in the book when it says 'there was a night of dreams' and the kid falls asleep. Personally, I think it was not a dream because his coat was left in the clam and in a dream things like that are not included. Some of my friends also thought he died and followed the shells up to heaven. I also loved when the kid showed the children his adventures and he acted them out with the children. Overall, I think this book could be the winner.

Posted on: 13th May 2017 at 06:49 pm

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