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Amelie, St Helen and St Katharine

After the Fire

This book is a real page turner! Hill’s use of flash backs to explain the plot is really effective. They also help build the tension! I won’t spoil the ending, but thankfully he does tie up all the loose ends – phew! As the story unfolds, you find out more and more about the main character Moonbeam. Hill uses the flashbacks to explain her past but he writes as if she is speaking – they are her memories coming back – and this makes it seem real. All of his characters are very convincing and I really felt like you I was part of the story. There is some violence within the story but, luckily, I did not get nightmares! It was realistic but described in an obviously fictional way and so I would say that this book is still suitable for young teens.
Hill uses language that keeps you captivated; I read this book in just two days because I couldn’t put it down! Overall, I found this book a little scary but gripping, exciting and emotional. It evoked sadness and happiness, fear, excitement and relief. I’m really glad I read this book and thoroughly recommend it!

Posted on: 27th March 2018 at 11:02 am

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