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Maddie, Spalding High School


Railhead was the first book that I wanted to read because of its interesting cover and intriguing blurb. However upon reading the book, I found that it didn’t quite meet the expectations that I had envisioned suiting it. The plot was fairly good but I felt that the romantic aspect was forced, out of place and didn’t suite the mood that the book had set.
The book was consistently imaginative and striking. The author created a whole new society and galaxy that wasn’t overly confusing (after a few chapters of adjusting to it) and I found it incredibly engrossing to learn about- It was complimented perfectly by the beautiful descriptive text.
Overall, however, it was a fairly good read that had interesting characters, nearly consistent emotional realism and some good character development. The ending did make me desire to read the sequel and the book wasn’t too bad but certainly not my favourite.

Posted on: 14th May 2017 at 09:40 am

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