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Elizabeth, The Hertfordshire and Essex High School

Wed Wabbit

This book was funny and interesting. As it is the only funny book on the shortlist, I expected it to be really funny, but it wasn’t as I had expected. Although it was a clever book and well thought through, the writer failed to explain everything thoroughly and made me quite confused at certain parts.
At first glance this book seems childish and dull; however the description of the characters really brought the book alive. The descriptions meant that you could use your imagination to create the world to look however you wanted.
I like the idea of each Wimbely Woo having their own personality and them speaking in rhyme. It is annoying that both Minnie and Wed Wabbit cannot say the letter 'R' as it makes me feel quite young whenever I read it; although this adds to the humour.
My Rating is 4/5 and I would recommend it to anyone how can imagine a different world from ours.

Posted on: 27th March 2018 at 02:11 pm

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